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Red Wine


Jancis Robinson         

MW, British wine critic, journalist and wine writer

"In my dealings with him when he was representing Iona wines in Elgin, Brad Gold was a model of efficiency, with excellent communication skills and judgement." 

Michael Fridjon         

CEO Wine Wizard. Journalist and Critic. 

“I've known Brad Gold for more than 10 years, though I first came to see the work he was doing when he was the international market manager for DGB, probably in 2013 or 2014. 

I then followed his achievements at the Oak Valley estate, where his presence did a great deal to raise the profile of the brand in very little time. I subsequently met up with him when he applied the same marketing and branding skills to building up Iona, one of the best of the Elgin wine properties. He streamlined the range, ensured that the product claims were supported all the way from the vineyard to the bottle, along the way creating an ultra-premium offering which has gained real traction in the industry.

In addition to his substantial product knowledge and business acumen, Brad is a thoughtful and clear communicator. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business seeking that skills set and competences. His dedication and commitment would add value to any senior management team.” 

Greg Sherwood MW

Senior Fine Wine Buyer Handford Wines

“In our brief time working together on the Iona project, I found it an absolute pleasure and your skills and approach dynamic and highly professional. Any client would be privileged to acquire your services. All the best with future employment opportunities and keep up the good work!”

Christian Eedes         


“I have known Brad Gold almost throughout his career in the wine industry and have always appreciated both his love for the subject (not said lightly) as well as his shrewdness and practical knowledge when it comes to marketing. He would be an asset to any winery team, big or small.” 

Dr Joshua Fischer
CEO Neuberg Global

While the CEO of a second tier South African national pathology group called Neuberg Global, that was both under threat and in decline, I commissioned Brad and Golden Ratio Marketing Services to review the brand positioning of the company and develop a marketing plan including branding/re-branding recommendations, that would help us to re-position the company for future success. Brad immersed himself in getting to know and understand our business environment quickly, and in getting a fix on our positioning and our challenges in that environment despite not having had previous experience in our sphere of business. From this intense and thorough exercise Brad and Golden Ratio Marketing Services were able to provide us with an extremely professional rebranding strategy and the associated comprehensive marketing and sales plan that greatly impressed our overseas principals.


Robert Gower           

Senior Special Buyer Wine at Woolworths

“I have followed Brad's career progress through various employers, but only truly engaged with him since starting at Iona. I have always been impressed by his astute business intuition and extensive wine knowledge. As far as I know, Brad is the youngest person to qualify as a Cape Master of Wine since the inception of the Cape Wine Academy. Brad fully understands the challenges and structures of the wine industry, from a business, sustainability, ethical and customer trend perspective. Brad is a positive thinker who clearly understands the big picture, even when this isn't always clear to those around him. He is clear and concise communicator and this allows him the freedom to position businesses into clear water in anticipation of the needs of the market tomorrow. He has held roles in companies of various size and market exposure, giving him the view from both a David and a Goliath. I look forward to engaging with Brad into the future.”

Greg Castle    

Professional Business & Executive Coach, Board Director and Business Owner

“Having worked closely with Brad at wine and spirit group, DGB (Pty) Ltd, I can vouch for his vast experience in global wine knowledge and broad wine marketing scope, as well as the enthusiasm and energy he brings to the team. Brad is strategic in his thinking, yet not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in tactically as well. He is an independent thinker, and someone who can get on with things when allowed the space within which to do so. I'd happily recommend Brad for anything he set his mind to.” 

Siobhan Thompson   

CEO Wines of South Africa (WOSA) 

“I have interacted with Brad over the years at Distell, DGB and Iona and have always found him a pleasure to deal with - positive attitude, willing to assist when he can and a strong team leader and player when needed. He is a strong strategic thinker who is always considering ways to improve what he is working on or take it to the next level. My experience with him is that he not only thinks about it but does it too - so he follows through on the activation.
Brad is an asset to any team he joins or leads.”

Ricardo Ferreira        

Managing Director SA DGB (PTY) Ltd. 

“My association with Brad began in 2014. What immediately struck me was Brads’ love and knowledge of fine wine and his passion for brand marketing. Brad displayed a willingness to transgress comfort boundaries, always acting in the interests of ongoing performance improvements. By nature he is positive, optimistic and the possibility of better things always his instinctive approach. I observed how Brad contributed to key strategy development projects which were always well planned, executed with precision and results oriented. Brad is the consummate gentleman, always acting with utmost professionalism, composure and maturity. Although Brad moved on, I am pleased that we have kept in contact and continue to wish him only the best in his future endeavours, of which he is only deserving of the best.”

Niel Groenewald       

Managing Director and Head Winemaker Distell 

“I have had the privilege to work closely with Bradley for the last 13 years in the SA wine industry, travelled extensively with him and have experienced his passion and commitment to creating premium South African wine. A true ambassador for the South Africa wine industry with in depth knowledge the industry, wine making, tasting, marketing and general management. A great asset for any company that can make use of his services and skill set.”

Sean Harrison

Consulting Creative Director at GRFT Limited.   

“Brads knowledge, experience and flair will make him an asset to any sales and marketing team, project or brand he decides to works with. I wish him all the best in his future ventures, I have no doubt that he will add value beyond what he is tasked with.”

Jacques Roux

Marketing Director DGB (PTY) LTD

“I have known Brad Gold for at least 20 years, first as a young “upstart” traveling with us to International Wine Shows around the world when he worked for L’Avenir in Stellenbosch and then later when did international Sales for my friend Tim Rands at Vinimark. Brad was always keen as chips to do anything, always ready to help, carry stuff, do things and assist others. Brad was a very keen learner, a natural “wine marketing man”, obviously very knowledgeable about wine and very popular with his colleagues.

I lost a bit of contact with Brad when he joined Distell but later met up when we were looking for someone specific to look after Boschendal. We then appointed Brad as Marketing Manager for Boschendal, reporting to me. At that time, the Boschendal brand was a little tired and we were in desperate need to “liven her up”. We did this and Brad was in integral part of the strategic thinking and the execution. Brad then joined my colleague on our International business promoting all DGB Brands internationally, supporting the Sales teams at wine shows and events around the world.  Again, Brad was viewed as a very helpful colleague and went a long way in establishing a solid foundation for the role of an International Marketing Manager for DGB. Brad grew with every position that he was in and he grew the stature of the position as well. In total Brad was with DGB for 6 years, from February 2010 to June 2016

Brad is a bright and personable individual with a great sense of humour. He is creative thinker and very innovative self-starter and will achieve any goal he has set his mind to, his CWM and MBA degrees are testimony to that. Brad is a leader in his field, has an amazing tasting ability and I can see him playing a very important role in the South African wine Industry in the future.

I can recommend Brad for any Senior Marketing position he applies for.”

Fabio Turilli    
Office & Logistics Manager Oak Valley Estates Limited.   
“Having worked with Brad and later for him was a great learning experience. He is a team player that can lead from the front. His creative ‘out the box’ thinking and positive attitude always made work interesting and a pleasure. His enthusiasm and commitment to his work is a true reflection of the type of person he is. His knowledge of the wine industry as a whole is unmistakable. He is a great asset to any company.”
Gary Bode      
C.O.O. Fuel 
“Brad is an excellent Marketer, Wine Master, Strategist, Businessman, and all round amazing human being who leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. I have known Brad through several phases of his career and have watched and admired him as he grows from strength to strength. He is someone who dives really deep into everything he is passionate for and gets involved in, and gives himself wholeheartedly in his quest for excellence. I have never met anyone as knowledgeable and passionate about wine and everything to do with wine, as Brad. He has a unique ability to enthuse even the heaviest content matter with humour, insight and fun.  He is a bundle of energy and it is absolutely contagious - he lifts all those around him to the next level and I have no doubt at all that he would quickly become a major asset to any organization that would be lucky to have him.”
Higgo Jacobs
Brad is a wizard on the commercial side with brands both in strategy and sales. He gets fine wine, but he also understand the nuts & bolts of the industry.”
Ben-Johann Du Toit
Strategy & Product Development   
I had the pleasure of working with Brad at DGB for two years. He has an exceptional talent for marketing and strategy and is able to take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. Brad’s rare mix of wine expertise, creative flair and international marketing experience makes him a star in his field.”
Juliette Garner          
Sales & Marketing Iona Wines  
“I have only positive feedback regarding working with Brad. I am a sales manager at Iona wines, and he was our General manager. He was inspiring and an excellent leader of our team. He taught us how to work more effectively, professionally and with discipline. He lead with encouragement and had a clear focussed vision for Iona. He taught us fundamental marketing/ sales strategies that helped us improve the way in which we work, and made us more effective. He taught us to work with urgency but not panic. I am very disappointed that he will be leaving our team at Iona, and wish him the very best with his new endeavour. I am looking forward to following his career with keen interest, and hope to cross paths again in the future.”

JC Bekker       

CEO Rupert & Rothschild Vigneron

“Brad has a solid knowledge of the whole wine value chain. He is a good taster, strategic thinker and can also implement - a rare combination of skills. His experience in various roles and in various companies gives him a distinct advantage and he will be an asset to any organisation and best of all: he is an all-round , fun guy to work with.”

Jacques Verdoes       

Financial Manager DGB (Pty) Ltd 

“A team player, Brad worked well with his colleagues in marketing. As a specialist with his time divided across many responsibilities, he balanced competing needs with humour, professionalism and out of the box solutions. I recommend Brad for any strategic marketing position that will draw upon his skills and his proven record of contribution to marketing. Not often that you find someone with such great people skills and the ability to get things done! On a personal level I admired his quest for balance while living his dream.”

Tanja Rossouw          

NPD Project Manager DGB (Pty) Ltd

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Bradley Gold. Bradley and I worked together at DGB PTY (Ltd) from 2010 to 2016. He was the International Marketing Manager and I was the NPD Coordinator. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him and he was a great asset to the International department. My work interaction with Bradley was when we worked together on numerous new projects or product changes for the International market. He is a great strategist and is very good at looking to find new ways of getting product into market and seeing gaps for new opportunities. He is a team player and foster positive discussions which is kept on point. I found him to be a pleasant and positive work colleague and can recommend that he will be a wonderful asset for any company.”

Luke Dixie      

Sales & Marketing Gauteng Iona Wines  

“Brad has a great strategic and business mind, always looking for new revenue opportunities and business process enhancements. His knowledge of the wine industry and professional relationships that he has developed, goes without saying. Brad’s high energy, passion and drive to achieve the company goals made him a great leader and mentor.”

Jacqui Henderson     

Sales & Marketing Iona Wines  

“Working with Brad at Iona Vineyards has been a privilege. The combination of his energetic enthusiasm and his unique ability to build and develop a brand has impacted our business and our team. His passion for, and knowledge of the industry, and his capacity for “out the box” strategic thinking has taken Iona to a new level. Robust and trustworthy, Brad’s interpersonal skills facilitate interactive and effective teamwork, encouraging and provoking the best of individual members in the interests of the whole. Brad is wholehearted and committed in his work, fair and honest in his dealings, and kind and compassionate in his interactions with others. I will miss working with him.”

Wayne Morris           

National Sales Manager Vergelegen Wines

“I worked with Brad for about 5 years at DGB. Brad is one of the best wine marketers I have come across. He is full of creative, innovative, and effective new marketing strategies. He is passionate about the brands that he works on and knows exactly how to take them to the next level. I can highly recommend Brad for executive or director roles in the wine industry.”

John Foster-Pedley   

Dean, Director of Henry Business School. 

“Brad was an MBA student in my strategy class. I remember him particularly for his energy, intellect, integrity and great positivity. Such a pleasure to be around him and see him engage with and lift others.”

Goncalo Faria            

General Manager France at Delta Cafes

“Having worked alongside Brad for several years, I can vouch for his creative thinking and strategic acumen. He has a great approach to the strategic process, not limiting his output to preconceived ideas. I highly recommend Brad as someone with great strategic intuition and capacity to sell ideas at the highest level.”

Carla Malherbe         

Global Sales & Marketing Manager Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons

“Brad and I worked together at DGB for a number of years. During this time he was always thinking outside the box, and challenging the senior management to do things differently. He was always extremely positive and dedicated to the job and had immense knowledge into brands and the marketing thereof. He was a real people person and could lift morale across the team and across several different levels of staff ensuring that the goal was always achieved. Brad always put his colleagues first, and had a real zest for life, passionate about all he applied his mind to.” 

Debra Solomon         

ME Econ

“Brad Gold is one of the most creative Marketing Managers I have known. During his time at DGB he re-invented a long-standing brand (Boschendal) that had lost its allure, returning it to its rightful place among the brand leaders in SA wines. He also developed a complete brand personality for a newly-acquired brand (Brampton) that was inventive, fun and interactive – attracting a new demographic of younger wine drinkers. Brad’s strengths are his intelligence, enthusiasm, vision and diligence. But above all Brad inspires others with his positive attitude and determination to deliver a successful result even in the most challenging conditions.”

Pippa Carter              

International Marketing Manager DGB (Pty) Ltd. 

“Brad has always maintained utmost professionalism across the various engagements I have had with him through various work projects. He is not scared of a challenge and forever driven by a hunger to expand his knowledge base. I would consider him to be a strong strategic business marketer.”

Wendy Peterson       

South African Wine & Brandy Transformation Manager

“I have worked with Brad for several years in different capacities. Brad is a real visionary person with strong conceptualising, creative ability and strategic thinking skills. His background in marketing and international business provides that excellent background for strategic marketing. Brad is a savvy marketer and his incredible forward thinking nature makes him dynamic in this ever changing social media space, the new way of marketing. He is not just a energetic, talented and hardworking individual, his also humble kind and treat his colleagues with great respect and appreciation for their talent.”

Carina Gous               

Kleine Zalze Marketing

“Brad is an experienced and well-rounded wine industry professional. He has great wine marketing skills as well as solid business management qualifications and experience. To top it all he is a Cape Wine Master with superior tasting skills. Brad is a good communicator, verbal as well as written and has a calm and confident demeanour.”

Stephan Joubert        

Group Winemaker DGB (Pty) Ltd.

“Brad has a very good understanding of the whole wine value chain and he is good wine taster. His knowledge of wine and different wine styles enable him to work very closely with winemakers when developing new brands. Brad is very strategic in his approach in terms of brand development and brand positioning. Brad is a very likeable person with a lot of integrity and good people skills.”

Quentin Gobregts     

Senior Winemaker/General Manager at Margaret River Winemakers

"I had the privilege in working with Brad during my time at Oak Valley. I have not met someone like him in my time in die Wine Industry. He has so much knowledge of and passion for the wine market and is also so well connected. What makes his approach so unique is that he is a creative and strategic thinker as well. On top of that he has a great sense of humour and great leadership skills. I would love to work with him again and would highly recommend him to any other company. He was a great asset for Oak Valley and would be a critical asset to any other business as well."

Helene Rademeyer   

Owner Concierge Angels

“I reported to Brad when he was Marketing Manager for Boschendal and Brampton Wines. During that time I found Brad to be most professional, knowledgeable and displaying a natural talent for the wine industry and invaluable insight into marketing and sales. He thinks on his feet effortlessly creating abstract concepts and implementing them into the context of business which translates into increased sales and product awareness. He creates the future - doesn't follow others and his energy and focus brings out the best in people. Thank you Brad!”

Andrew Gunn            

Owner Iona Vineyards

“Prior to joining Iona in September 2018 Brad had been in the employment of Oak Valley, a fellow wine producer in the Elgin Valley, so I had the opportunity of observing first hand, Brad’s contribution to the Oak Valley wine business. In addition we worked very well together on some projects in the Elgin Wine Guild. 

When the opportunity to employ Brad came up, it coincided with my plan to “raise Iona to another level” by way of strategizing and updating the look and feel of the brands that make up our portfolio, as well as providing structure to the winemaking team with a view to raising the quality of the wines and developing and managing the sales team.

To this end Brad did an excellent job, in summary:

  • A clear definition and structuring of  the portfolio, into 3 distinct offerings representing the diverse growing conditions and styles.

  • Developing new labels and branding.

  • Fine tuning  prices and pricing structures to the different market sectors.

  • Cutting costs of packaging without compromising the image of the wines.

  • The creation of point of sale promotional material.

  • Formalising and coordinating the evaluation and tasting of wines with the whole winemaking team prior to bottling. 

  • Management and motivation of sales force.

Brad is an excellent lateral thinker, thrives on creating strategy and brand development. He has had a broad exposure to the wine industry from a young age with qualifications to suit. He is a team player with a high level of loyalty and integrity, even tempered, a great sense of humour and a strong motivator. A real asset.

I wish him well in his next venture.

Andrew Gunn, Proprietor, Iona Vineyards

April 2020”                   

Rozy Gunn                 

Owner Iona Vineyards & Brocha Wine Farm

“Dear Brad

I would like to tell you how much difference you made to my last two years here at Iona. You have re-inspired me to believe in my farm and brand and that what I do s of value and that I am not a Crazy person #1. 

You have brought a great deal of lightness to Iona, for which I will always be grateful for and remember you as being the bearer of that special gift. 

You also brought fun, integrity, dignity, enormous strength of character and an even temperament to this farm which explains a lot about you.  

I will miss you 


Francois Naude         

Owner Chateau Naude

“I met Mr. Brad Gold when he was a young man just after school in Pretoria, where I matriculated as well about 30 years before him.

He started working at L'Avenir where I was the winemaker and this young man's enthusiasm to learn more about wine and everything that goes with it like the vineyards, making it, selling it and eventually enjoying .it, was unsurpassed in my life at that stage. He soon became a person which we all loved and enjoyed. The owner started using him as his personal assistant for whatever he was able to do, and I started using him to present wine-tastings for me when I was away on other business. He grew to such an extent as one of the most needed workers on the farm; that when he started to study further all things regarding wine, I knew that one day soon he will surprise all of us. This happened shortly thereafter when Bradley James Gold became the youngest ever Cape Wine Master in 2006 with his wonderful book `The English Wine Market" That didn't stop this young man's drive to better himself and only because we couldn't afford to keep him while he was studying further about business as such, we had to let him go. Although we were very sad, I knew that the world was his oyster and we were not allowed to stop him from reaching much higher things in life, which he has done many times in my life. When he got married as a devout Christian, I told my late wife that watching this man grow up, becoming a loving, honest and hard-working young man to achieve his goals, has been one of the most inspiring things in my life and epitomizes the saying ``If there's a Will there's a Way!" Whoever can afford to employ this young man; which is still how I see him after more than 30 years, will never be disappointed and always be blessed. That is what I feel he deserves!!

Yours faithfully,

Francois Naude snr.” 

Tersia Botha

Sales Representative Paarl Labels 

“I had the opportunity and great privilege to work with Brad Gold for almost a year in his position as General Manager of Iona Wines.

What a guy!!

Brad is always extremely dedicated, proud and positive in whatever he takes on, have a high degree of integrity, great values and beliefs and always a cheerful personality.

In the times I have worked with Brad, he has demonstrated excellent knowledge and competence in the wine industry. Brad is well equipped to take charge of any management position in his industry.

Brad is always goal driven and ready for any project no matter how big or small... He is a productive contributor to team efforts, thoughtful, positive, calm and full of motivation even under the most stressful circumstances. He was always on time with completion of any label project we have worked on, if not ahead on schedule...

His goal driven nature, strong attention to detail, and excellent management skills would be beneficial for any organization.

I highly recommend Brad Gold’s talent and expertise as an individual and as a professional.

Jennifer Middleton

Director at GRFT Design

“Brad is an energetic, motivated and acute marketer, his proficient communication skills and innovative approach will add great value to his next endeavour. 
Brad shows dedication to the brands he represents and will continue to challenge himself and those that he engages with - constantly focused on improving revenue streams through strategic thinking. His knowledge of brand development within the wine industry will make him an asset to his next employer.

Deleray Brugman

CEO at AIM Investment Holdings

“We studied together at the Business School of Stellenbosch when I bought Alluvia Wine Estate. I’ll always remember Bradley for having a zest for life and like-able gentleman. It was clear that with his work ethic, wit and focus he was destined for great things.”

John Ford


“I met Brad soon after he qualified as the youngest Cape Wine Master in about 2003. Since then, he has worked in large scale wine distribution with wholesale distributors and on family owned wine estates, which has given him broad-based experience in the wine industry. His knowledge about wine, its production and distribution is exceptional”

Fiona McDonald

Former Editor of Wine Magazine. 

“I’ve watched Brad Gold go from learning the basics about wine to someone who boasts both a Cape Wine Master qualification and an MBA. He is driven, enthusiastic, energetic but also a hard worker. Admirable traits and I’d not hesitate to recommend him.”

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